Water/Sewer Maintenance (WSM) Department


The Water and Sewer Maintenance Department employs nine full-time personnel who are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to maintain and repair the city’s water distribution and wastewater collection systems.

Emergency Water/Sewer Situations

Sewer Backup or Blockage

If you are experiencing a sewer backup and it is determined that the blockage/restrictions DOES NOT exist within the City’s sanitary sewer system, homeowners will be is advised to contact a professional plumber or drain-cleaning service for a private sewer service inspection. The City of Hominy cannot make a recommendation for drain-cleaning services. It may be in your best interest to obtain several estimates.

If the problem is in the sewer service from the property to the City’s sewer main, the property owner will be responsible for correcting the problem. The owner of the property is responsible for maintaining and cleaning this private section of sewer, including the connection to the sewer main.

Many homeowner insurance policies exclude damage resulting from sewer backups. However, some insurance companies do provide sewer backup coverage. If you are concerned about sewer backups and want to insure that you are covered, check with your home insurance policy about the availability of sewer backup insurance.

Water Leaks

Every home and business has a water meter to measure the amount of water used by a property which is used to calculate a monthly utility bill.

If the digital display is incrementing up and no one in the home is running water, there is a leak in the plumbing. Since the digital display records down to 1/1,000 of a gallon even the smallest leaks can be detected. If you notice a leak, get it fixed to conserve water and avoid increases in water bills. Leaks can occur in many difference places and generally the significant leaks are not easily visible. The most commons leaks are with toilets and water softeners.

Sewer Line Usage Guidelines

General Guidelines

Here are some rules to follow to help keep sewer lines flowing:

  • Be on the look-out. If you see an overflowing manhole, detect a sewer odor, or see evidence of sewer on the ground or in a street, please report this by calling (918) 885-2164 on weekdays and (918) 885-4545 on nights and weekends.
  • Never pour grease down drains or into garbage disposals. The grease will turn into a hard solid that blocks lines and can result in a sewer backup. Let grease cool down and dispose of it properly.
  • Paper goods labeled “disposable”  can mix with grease and create blockages. Please dispose of all paper goods except toilet paper in the trash can.
  • Putting food down a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink can be a convenient method of throwing away leftovers. These food particles can convert into grease in your plumbing and sewer service line.
  • Roots from trees can grow into sewer line joints and obstruct flow. If the city suspects that a customer’s service line is blocked by root growth, they must contact a licensed plumber to have the line inspected and cleaned from the house to the sewer main if necessary.

Tony Sykes-Water/Sewer Superintendent

Earl Radford-WSM Specialsit

Tom Eggleston-WSM Specialist/Utility Meter Reader